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Welcome to Old Fashioned Bulldogges!!!
    Home of the world's most athletic bulldogges.  If you are looking for a bulldogge that can jump a 3 foot fence from a standing start you have come to the right place.  
     If you are looking for a modern AKC bulldog -one that can't jump off of a couch -then you have definately come to the wrong place.  
    Olde Fashioned Bulldogges are bulldogs without the HEALTH PROBLEMS of the "modern" bulldog.    Modern bulldogs have been bred to death, LITERALLY!  Most modern bulldogs cannot mate naturally and need to be artificially inseminated.  They also cannot whelp naturally and must be born ceasarean.  They can withstand very little temperature variation (most reputable modern bulldog breeders won't sell you a bulldog puppy unless you have central air-conditioning--they know there's a good chance that the pup will overheat and die).  And this is just the beginnning of the health nightmare; don't even mention cherry eye or skin problems, thrown elbows or cleft palates.  If you own a modern bulldog prepare to be on a first name basis with your veterinarian-you will be making his boat payments.
     Olde Fashioned Bulldogges are born and bred naturally. They can breathe freely and can run farther than you.  They can live outside year round.  I have a  8 year old Olde that has never seen the vet's office- she gets her shots at Petco....ok ok so we're cheap.
     Olde Fashioned Bulldogges are a recreation of what bulldogges were 150 years ago when they were the gladiators of the dog world.   The athleticism of the past has been returned to the breed along with an endearing  personality.



DEPOSITS!!! are being taken for the new puppies.....see the puppy pics!

Some of the puppies currently available

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