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Here are pictures of some of the dogs that helped create the great pups that we have.




Greenly's Otis

This is Greenly's Otis he is the sire of Blade, grandsire to the current pups.  He is from the Hermes line of bulldogges.



Greenly's ...........Blade
This is Greenly's Blade- she is the dam of the pups.  This dog is so athletic its scary!!!  She is 1/2 Leavitt and 1/2 Hermes.  She has been nursing 8 pups for 6 weeks in this picture-so she's lost some size, but she'll be back in shape in no time!


This is Greenly's  Skittles she is "grandmother" to the current pups and shares a grandparent with Bruno.  She is another very athletic olde and is 100% Leavitt