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About Us

     We are a small kennel striving for quality over quantity.  We believe in building on a strong foundation.   We feel that it would be a foolish waste of  time to ignore the decades of breeding done by people like Mr. Leavitt or Mr Hermes.  We do not use cross-bred dogs or "foundation" dogs.  While some of these cross-bred dogs are good looking dogs, they are usually "one of a kind" and can't reproduce themselves consistantly- if at all.  Beware of people crossing modern bulldogs with American bulldogs {or some other breed} and calling them oldies.  The "Olde" is a breed and not a science-project.  
     We at Olde Fashioned Bulldogges breed for health, disposition, ability, and then conformation.  Remember: "Form Follows Function".
     We are located in South-central Connecticut.  Our dogs are raised as part of the family.. These dogs are wonderful with children (we have four) -don't bark or shed overly, and need only moderate exercise.  While these dogs do make good guard dogs we are not interested in selling them to people who want a scary looking dog to chain in their warehouse and  IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FIGHTING DOG PLEASE KEEP SURFING!!



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